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Linda Kobert
Student Linda Kobert reveals the "magic" behind The Magic Spreadsheet, this week on the Stonecoast Community Blog.
Penny Guisinger
"Black or white. Open or shut. Up or down. Chocolate or vanilla. Shirts or skins. When things are this way or that, they are easy to understand."
Ellen Meeropol and Ruthie Rohde
In describing her own commitment to activism, Stonecoast alumna and author Ellen Meeropol quotes Alice Walker: “Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”
A Four Sided-Bed, by Elizabeth Searle
Congratulations to faculty member Elizabeth Searle, winner of the Best Feature Screenplay - Romance honors for "A Four Sided Bed" at the Woods Hole International Film Festival.
Drift, Alan King
News and updates for Stonecoast community alumni, students, and faculty. Click on the link to read full details.
The Stone House by Robin Clifford Wood
On July 13, two days into a 10-day residency for the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Master of Fine Arts program, I scrawled a few lines in my journal before falling into bed in a stupor: “My head is spinning, I’m exhausted, and I am in bliss.”
Faculty Boman Desai, Aaron Hamburger, and Elizabeth Searle
Last winter, we gave our readers a window into the Stonecoast residency with a photo essay that sought to describe the experience via images. Now that the 2013 summer residency has come to a close, we’d like to do the same for our 10 memorable days together in Maine. Enjoy!
Stone House Door
This is how it would be, surely: Five years after graduating on a hot July night, I’d return to the Stonecoast summer residency for a visit.
Alumna Michaela Roessner and Faculty member Elizabeth Hand have been named on a list of 100 Great Science Fiction Stories by Women.
The Rumpus
In light of recent news surrounding the George Zimmerman trial, Stonecoast student Alexis Paige has an article featured at The


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