Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

Stonecoast Values

Low-Residency, High Standards
Stonecoast is one of the nation’s leading low-residency MFA programs, ranked in the top ten low-residency programs by Poets & Writers for more than a decade. Maybe you want to publish a collection of poems, finish your novel, or begin a memoir. Maybe you want to see just how far words can take you. Writing isn’t just an interest, but an abiding passion. Stonecoast’s faculty—award-winning writers and dedicated writing mentors—will work with you to ensure you realize your dreams.

Community, not Competition
Making art takes discipline and sacrifice, but your success does not mean another must fail. By working together, a group of writers can help each other to reach new heights. Attentive readers call us out when we come up short, but they also inspire us. Through close reading we discover what transports us and what we aspire to.

Habits, not Aesthetics
Instead of pushing you to sound like everyone else, our goal is to lift your voice. Stonecoast’s curriculum is designed to support the writing that matters most to you. Each semester, you and your mentor collaborate to design a study-plan that expands your understanding of genre and craft, while giving you the freedom to take risks and tackle new projects.

The Typical Stonecoast Student
Students come to Stonecoast at various times in their lives and from different parts of the world. We have diverse backgrounds and experiences. All of our students juggle family and work commitments. We ask that you bring your whole self, because the Stonecoast Community is at its most powerful when we can draw on our collective experiences.