Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

Presentation and Workshop Samples

Presentation and Workshop Samples:

Script-writing Intensive- Illuminating What’s Not Being Said

Mike Kimball’s Script-writing Intensive is an elective workshop in which writers join forces with visiting actors and a professional director from the Portland theatre community to develop dialogue through a three-step process:

  • A first reading
  • Director’s adjustments and workshop critiques
  • Script revisions for a second reading on our final workshop day

Whether you write screenplays, stage plays, or radio plays, if you want to find the pulsing heartbeat of your dialogue and your characters, there is no better way than to see and hear your words fully brought to life.

Scriptwriting: Writing Plays and Movies

Screen or stage, the scriptwriter’s task is the same: grab your audience, hold them at the edge of their seats, then send them home richer for the experience. Although formatting differs, both screenwriting and playwriting will sharpen your ear for dialogue, heighten your appreciation for human drama, and make you write efficiently. If you want to see your writing produced, your best strategy is to work short form, ten to thirty minutes, and submit to the many festivals looking for submissions. If you’d rather work full-length, I’d be delighted to work with you.

The Screen: Writing and Dealing

A panel of five with wide-ranging experiences in the art, craft, and commerce of movies and television. They will discuss screenwriting, collaborating, adapting, pitching, optioning fiction, creating tie-in projects, producing, marketing, dealing with lawyers and agents, mining foreign markets, writing for broadband, surviving Hollywood, and keeping your sanity . . . all that, plus a 10-minute course: “How to Write a Screenplay in One Easy Lesson.”

Script-writing Workshops that are planned to be offered:

Writing the 10-minute Play
Writing the Screenplay
Scene Development