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Whether you’re writing for film, television, or the stage, Stonecoast’s low residency MFA program in Scriptwriting is designed to help you learn and hone the tricks of the trade. Workshop your scripts with award-winning playwrights, collaborate with directors, and watch your words come alive in staged readings performed by professional actors.

Benefits of Studying Scriptwriting at Stonecoast

  • Work one-on-one with notable writers. Our award-winning faculty have written for theater, television, and film, and bring to the classroom deep-rooted connections to other professionals in the industry. Receive personal feedback on your work, and the encouragement you need to step into the role of scriptwriter.
  • Be challenged and supported. You can expect academic rigor, but also the freedom to customize your curriculum and to work independently on a schedule that fits your life.
  • Learn from different genres Learn the rules of craft, and then break them. Stonecoast encourages you to write across multiple genres. Explore outside of Scriptwriting and propose ideas for new workshops and seminars.
  • Write for inclusivity and social equity. Social justice is core to our ethos and we can’t wait to see how you will reimagine the world we share. Learn new ways of thinking about race, identity, and the environment that will embolden your writing.
  • Connect to a community of professional writers. At Stonecoast, you will build meaningful relationships, with faculty, alumni, and your student cohort, that last well into your professional writing life.

Black and white illlustration of a fountain pen in the spotlight"I think the overall experience was really one of the best educational experiences of my life. It was productive, comfortable, and encouraging."

Allen Baldwin, Scriptwriting (Winter 2019)


Join a Community of Scriptwriters

We are proud to offer Scriptwriting as a new genre at Stonecoast MFA and look to our students to actively shape the topics for elective workshops, ensuring that each semester’s Scriptwriting curriculum explores the most current and relevant themes. Recent topics have included:

  • “To Be or Not to Be”: The Art of Writing Compelling Monologues
  • Staying on Script: An Introduction to Scriptwriting
  • Narrative Design in Documentary Film
  • Aristotle’s Toolbox: Putting the Poetics to Work
  • Writing the Dramatic Sequence: Using Cinematic Principles in Fiction

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