Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

Stonecoast Council on Diversity

Stonecoast Council on Diversity

The Stonecoast Council on Diversity was established as a result of a vigorous discussion about race and politics in the arts. Annie Finch, Director facilitated the first meeting by asking students and faculty how the administration could better increase cultural diversity awareness. The group of 10 students and faulty generated an extensive list including enhancement in curriculum, presentations, programming, recruitment/outreach, and marketing.

The Council is chaired by Robin Talbot, Stonecoast Associate Director.

The council’s primary mission:

· Increase Racial and Cultural Diversity in Approach to Writing

· Increase the awareness and appreciation of the many diverse authors through curriculum

· Develop outreach and cultural events that reach underrepresented communities

 “Stonecoast is part of a culturally and aesthetically diverse community that fosters a deeply-rooted creative life. Stonecoast is committed to a diverse panoply of voices and traditions in our faculty, student population, and curriculum, not only with the aim of enriching the future literary canon, but also because we believe that exposure to different kinds of voices will expand a student's writing to reflect a deeper, more resonant understanding of the global human experience.”