Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

Stonecoast MFA and Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance Team Up to Elevate Maine's Literary Community

Stonecoast MFA Program and Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance are excited to be partnering on events and programs in 2020 and beyond. Bringing together one of the top low-residency programs in the country and one of the oldest and farthest-reaching statewide literary organizations in the country will strengthen and support Maine's literary community. 

Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance (MWPA) unites writers, editors, publishers, and literary professionals from all around Maine and at all stages of their careers to sharpen their craft, create community, celebrate great writing, and lift the state’s literary culture. Founded in 1975, MWPA has an active, growing membership of more than 1,400 writers, readers, and literary professionals from all sixteen counties of the state. In 2018, the MWPA held three multi-day conferences, seventy-four workshops, and more than 100 free readings and community events in twenty-three locations across Maine.

The Stonecoast M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing is a low-residency graduate program that brings together a faculty of nationally known writers from across the United States. The M.F.A. is a two-year program, alternating intensive ten-day residencies with six-month independent writing projects supervised by the faculty mentors. The M.F.A. offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, including creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and popular fiction, with possibilities for elective work in such areas as writing about environment, writing for young adults, dramatic writing, performance, and writing for social justice.

The first Stonecoast/MWPA gathering will be a conversation, The Business of Being a Writer: Literary Citizenship, on Thursday, Jan. 16 at 4:15 pm at the Winter 2020 Residency in Freeport. Poet Gibson Fay-LeBlanc (MWPA's director), fiction writer Taryn Bowe (MWPA's associate director and a Stonecoast grad) and Justin Tussing (Stonecoast MFA's director) will discuss the importance of being active and responsible literary citizens. MWPA members and MFA students will gather in the tavern after the discussion. 

We look forward to more Stonecoast/MWPA partnerships in 2020 and beyond.