Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

The Stonecoast Student


Stonecoast student writers are talented, self-directed, and dedicated to developing their writing potential. Our students bring diverse experiences and backgrounds to the program.

Stonecoast students are geologists, high school English teachers, social workers, parents, retirees, recent and not-so-recent college graduates. Their geographic homes stretch from Cambodia to Alaska, and their writing interests range from experimental cross-genre fiction to formalist poetry to sci-fi.

Student writers are active members of the Stonecoast community on many levels. They read their work to the community, mentor other students, serve on student/faculty panels, and teach seminars. They engage in heady conversations, brainstorm ideas, laugh together, and generously share their experiences. Many Stonecoast students become friends and colleagues for life.

Stonecoast students are dedicated to discovering creative ways of understanding and expressing the world around them through their writing. In the words of one student, “The Stonecoast experience has not only made me a better writer, but also a better person.”