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Stonecoast Student’s novel named one of the best dog books of 2012

NBC's, a website dedicated to "improving the world for pets and their owners," has compiled their top 10 dog books of 2012. Coming in at number eight is Stonecoast student Sheila Webster Boneham and her novel Drop Dead on Recall. Here's what the website had to say about Boneham's book: 

"Drop Dead on Recall by Sheila Webster Boneham  (Midnight Ink, ISBN 9780738733067)

This is the first novel in Sheila Webster Boneham’s mystery series. This dog book is set around the obsessive, cut-throat nature of canine obedience competitions, and the lead character, animal photographer and dog show handler, Janet MacPhail, who gets all tangled up in a murder mystery. MacPhail, loves her Australian Shepherd Jay and Tabby cat Leo. MacPhail becomes a dogged (yeah, pun intended) sleuth after the widely disliked star handler and competitor, Abigail Dorn, drops dead during a command with her Border Collie, Pip, an Obedience Trial Champion. Twists and turns abound, including more murders and dog-related mayhem. This is a fast and exciting read that will keep you riveted right through till the end. Kirkus Reviews says the novel 'supplements its menagerie of human suspects with oodles of information on obedience trials' and it 'will delight dog fanciers.' "

Sheila Webster Boneham writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, much of it focused on animals, nature, and sense of place. Six of her nonfiction books about dogs, cats, and animal rescue have won "best book" awards from the professional associations for dog and cat writers.To view other books by Sheila visit her website

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