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What Students Say about the Ireland Residency

What Students Say about the Ireland Residency

Students have loved Stonecoast in Ireland.  Here are a few representative evaluations:

    * “This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”—Susan Casey

    * “Absolutely loved it and feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.  Not only is the location fantastic, the opportunity to work in such a small group and work so closely with faculty and visiting presenters is wonderful.  Also, the whole process is made so easy from applying to being picked up at the airport.”—Jessica Takach

    * “Life altering!  An intense experience and immersion into Irish writing and culture.  It’s perfect!”—Karen Pullen

    * “The residency was a perspective-changing, passion-yielding, and overall wonderful experience.”--Michael Smith

    * “Once in a lifetime, amazing (actually I hope to return to Ireland again.)” —Florine Melnyk

    * “Wonderful, everything one could have hoped for!  The Irish talent you got on board was amazing, truly cream of the crop.”—Christopher Watkins

    * “I have come home inspired and refreshed not merely by the experience, but by the amount I learned and gained from others…Because of the group’s small size and the program’s contained setting, the level of trust and camaraderie that developed between us created a climate, in workshops and seminars, in which everyone seemed comfortable contributing.”—Felicity Stone

    * “Stonecoast in Ireland has been the most amazing experience of my writing life.  The Deppes bring an insight and experience to Irish life that is truly unparalleled.  The field trip was AMAZING!”—Kerry Herlihy

Ireland Residency: How Do I Apply?