Strengths @ USM


USM is a Strengths Based University!  We're committed to building our students' talents and strengths.  Take some time to learn more about Strengths and how we are using this transformative tool at the University of Southern Maine. 

What is Strengths? USM is partnering with Gallup and universities around the country with a focus on student engagement. Your Strengths experience begins with taking the StrengthsQuest assessment online, and you’ll automatically receive your Top 5 Strengths – the first step to identifying and developing your natural talents into strengths. For more information about Strengths, visit: Gallup StrengthQuest.

What is Gallup StrengthsQuest? A student's Strengths experience begins with taking the StrengthsQuest online based assessment that takes about 20 minutes to complete. Your top 5 talent themes are identified and this is the first step to developing your natural talents into strengths.  If you are a member of a First Year student, your code for the Strengths assessment will be emailed to you.  Strengths is used by hundreds of colleges in the United States.  For more information, visit: Gallup StrengthsQuest

Find out more about how Strengths is used at USM:

Strengths for Students: How you think, learn, study, work, and lead best is unique to you. Leverage your talents to help you "do what you do best" in the classroom and in your student and community organizations.  StrengthsQuest can also improve and deepen your relationships by helping you see and appreciate others’ talents.  Discover how StrengthsQuest provides you with guidance and ideas for your career and connect with others who are part of the Strengths movement. 

Strengths for Educators: Strengths-based education begins with educators discovering what they do best and developing and applying their strengths as they help students identify and apply their strengths in the learning process so that they can reach previously unattained levels of personal excellence (Lopez & Louis, 2009).  Learn more about using Strengths-based education in your courses at USM!

Strengths for Advising: Strengths Based Advising is an opportunity to shift the advising conversation and focus on a student's natural talent areas, what is going well and then apply their natural talents to areas of challenge.  Learn more about Strengths Based Advising at USM. 

Strengths for Student & Residential Life: Strengths are realized in Student and Residential Life as a tool to assist students in achieving success in academics, career paths, leadership development, relationship building, and in their overall University experience.  Learn more about Strengths utilization in student programming! 

Flex Your Strengths: Looking for ways to flex your Strengths? Click here for creative ways to showcase your Strengths and get the word out!

Join us in our quest to build a strengths based University of Southern Maine Community!