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(Updated January 2022) 

Name Usage Policy (for using a name other than your legal name while at the University)

Bathroom Affirmation Policy

All Gender Bathrooms

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Name Usage at USM

Frequently Asked Questions on the University of Maine System Name Usage Policy (aka "Preferred Name Policy")

Why is it called the "preferred" name? This isn't my preference, it's the name I use.

The field in MaineStreet is called the "preferred name" field, and it's been called that for a long time. The Data Management team for the University of Maine System is working on a big inclusion project and one of the things that we hope to have fixed (along with gender options!) is how this field is labeled.

When will my chosen name be used, and when will my legal name be used?

In general, preferred names will be used in the following systems (see the Name Usage Policy for complete details or updates):

  • Class and Grade Rosters (for students and employees taking courses)
  • Student or Employee Identification Cards*
  • Learning Management System (such as Brightspace)**
  • Online Phonebook Directory
  • Official Student or Employee Email Display Name***
  • Directory information⁺
  • MaineStreet Advising Center
  • MaineStreet Student Services Center
  • MaineStreet Employee Self-Service Center
  • Reports and/or lists generated for academic purposes
  • Responses to requests made under the Maine Freedom of Access Act
  • Press Releases (i.e., Dean’s List)
  • Employee business cards
  • Social Media Sites
  • Other Venues as appropriate.

When applying for graduation, students have the option of indicating how they want their name to appear on diplomas and in the Commencement Programs.

*You will need to request a reprint of your ID card with your "preferred" name on it. This first replacement fee will be waived, all other replacements will be charged the appropriate fee. Visit the Campus Card Office location once you have updated your "preferred" name.

**Once your "preferred" name has been updated, this information will show up in the Brightspace system when it automatically syncs (which happens once a day).

***Email Display will update to display your "preferred" name once the system syncs, but the email address will need to be changed, see details below.

⁺Students can always request that their directory information not be released to the public by modifying "Privacy Settings" in MaineStreet Student Self Service or submitting a “Request to Suppress Directory Information" through the campus Registrar/Student Records Office.

Legal Names will be used for all official University records that may be financial in nature or tied to your social security number (see the Name Usage Policy for complete details):

  • Legal Documents and Reports produced by the University (i.e., enrollment reports to the National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment lists for student insurance, etc.)
  • Applications for admission
  • Student Account Statement (Bills)
  • Financial Aid (Scholarship and Loan Documents)
  • Transcripts (official and unofficial)
  • Enrollment Verifications
  • Degree Verifications, Degree Progress Report
  • Student Employment Documents
  • Responses to requests made under the Solomon Amendment
  • Employment Verifications
  • Employment Documents
  • Payroll documents (paychecks, W2s, etc.)
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • IRS, SSA, and other state and federal reporting requirements.

Legal Names still appear in MaineStreet records and will be visible to many employees. Employees are reminded to maintain the privacy of students and to use the preferred names in communication.

How do I update my "preferred" name to something other than my legal name?

Preferred names are updated first and foremost in MaineStreet. This will then feed to some other systems (Brightspace, etc), but other systems will require some additional actions.

Students: To enter a preferred name in MaineStreet:

      • Go to
      • Navigate to your Student Center.
      • Select the link labeled “Demographic Data” under “Personal Information.”
      • Select the “Names” tab.
      • Click the green “Edit” button.
      • Add or change your preferred name.

Employees: To enter a Preferred Name in MaineStreet:

■    Employees will contact their HR Business Partner or HR Director to request the non-legal name change. Employees who are also students may need to make this preferred name update in both the HR and the student center.

■    HR submits the Individual Data Sheet change form with information to Payroll

■    HR advises the employee to visit to change their email account information

How do I change my email address?

Once your "preferred" name has been updated in MaineStreet, and once the system has synced (which typically happens once each business day), navigate to and use the self-service option to change your UMS ID. Once the system sync has occurred, your chosen name will be an available option to select for the new ID.

It is important to remember that Gmail and other email platforms may retain contact information that does not update automatically. You may need to request that people you correspond with update their contacts.

Will my chosen name be used in on-campus housing systems?

On most campuses, students can apply for housing using their "preferred" name, but some Housing or Residence Life systems pull data from the Legal Name field in MaineStreet. USM's Office of Residential Life uses the "preferred" name. Please check in with your campus housing office for specifics.

What happens if I legally changed my name?

Once a name has been legally changed, please reach out to the University Registrar (for students) or Human Resources (for employees) to update your records.

I’ve changed my Maine State ID/License to reflect a non-binary gender, will that be available on campus?

Not at this time, but stay tuned because we are excited about the possibilities! As you encounter places where we should address this in policy, please let us know!

Can I indicate what pronouns I use?

Not at this time, but we are exploring ways to do this in our database. Stay tuned!


Bathroom Affirmation Policy

The University of Maine System does not discriminate based on sex or sexual orientation, which includes gender identity and expression. All students, employees, and campus visitors are welcome to use the restrooms that best fit their gender.


All Gender Bathrooms (aka Gender Neutral Bathrooms) on Campus (updated March 2018)


  • Former Private Residences along Bedford and Exeter Streets (these buildings, housing many academic departments and programs, contain single stall, all-gender bathrooms)
  • Glickman Family Library, third floor, two multi-stall, all-gender bathrooms

  • Luther Bonney Hall, (1) first floor, near the School of Business offices (2) first floor, inside the Computer Lab
  • Masterton Hall, second floor, to the left of the gendered bathrooms
  • Science Building, (1) second floor, across from the ramp, near the anatomy lab, (2) second floor, Room 216, (3) third floor, Room 354, (4) third floor, Room 355
  • Sullivan Gym and Fitness Complex, Media Studies Lab (external entrance on the side of the building facing the Woodbury Campus Center and the Steam/Heat plants)
  • Sullivan Gym and Fitness Complex, Recovery Oriented Campus Center, second floor (up the stairs on the left side of the lobby, the last door on the right)

  • Wishcamper Center, (1) first floor (next to the elevator), (2) third floor, (4) fourth floor (next to kitchenette)


  • Former Private Residences on College Ave and School Street (these buildings, housing academic departments, programs, and other offices, contain all gender bathrooms)
  •  Anderson Hall, first floor, to the left of the front doors*
  •  Bailey Hall, All floors, in the central hallway junction
  •  Brooks Student Center, Upper Level, inside the dining hall - just past Simple Servings. If you want to access the all gender restroom and do not plan to use a meal swipe or Husky Bucks to eat, please check in with the cashier. You will be asked to leave your USM ID card with them until you return.
  •  Costello Sports Complex, in the hallway near the Fitness Center 
  •  Philippi Hall, first floor, next to the TV lounge*
  •  Robie Andrews Hall, Art Department, bottom floor, to the right from the entrance
  •  Robie Andrews Hall, first floor lobby*
  •  Russell Hall (Theater building), basement level
  •  Upper Class Hall, first floor lobby bathrooms, and basement level to the left of the elevators*
  • Woodward Hall, first floor near the staff apartment*

*Bathrooms located in residence halls are only available to residential students and signed in guests.

Lewiston Auburn College

  • Located in the “New Wing” of the building on both the first and second floor





Other Resources

Resources collected by USM Women and Gender Studies for Trans Inclusive & Trans Literate Resources 


Resources collected by the Trans Youth Equality Foundation 


Resources collected by the Maine Transgender Network