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Intramural & Club Sports


Intramural Sports Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports Program at USM is designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in organized recreational competitions. This program allows undergraduate and graduate students to practice good sportsmanship in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes wellness, community, and competitive pride.


Fall 2021 Intramural Leagues & Tournaments



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Contact Marc Roy the Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports at if you have any questions.


Club Sports Mission Statement

The USM Club Sports Program is a voluntary competitive recreational sports program organized by University students, for University students, designed to meet athletic needs not met by existing intramural and intercollegiate programs. The basic philosophy and key to the success of the program are the emphasis placed on participation, competition, and good sportsmanship. The Club Sports program gives athletes a chance to gain valuable skills through administration, competition, and leadership.

Current Club Sports

Field Hockey- Reach out to if you are interested in the Club Field Hockey Team! 

Women's Volleyball- Reach out to if you are interested in the Women's Volleyball Team! 

Dance- President/ Vice President: Khamar Jibril, Katie Luu

Men's Volleyball- President/ Vice President: Kevin Hill, Carson Perk

Ice Hockey- President/ Vice President: Andrew Wessling, Robby Pini

ESports- Reach out to if you are interested in the ESports Team! 

Powerlifting- Reach out to if you are interested in the Powerlifting Team! 


If you have questions on how to start or join a club sport please do not hesitate to contact Marc Roy the Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports at