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Quarantine Spring 2021: Move In Week Events

Student Engagement & Leadership recognizes that we are asking a lot for all residential students to move in several days early, get tested for Covid-19 and stay quarantined in their residence Hall rooms for 2-3 days.  This is why we are providing you with engagement opportunities each day.  We have events planned from 9am-11pm everyday up until the first day of school. 

All events offered during this time will be virtual with no large gathering happening in-person.  We will take advantage of our social media accounts, Zoom, and other online agencies to have live events with you all.  At times, events will require a downloaded app like, Disney Plus, or Kahoot.  Some events will require a gaming console like Playstation, XBOX, or Nintendo Switch. 

Below are links for all of our events broken up by days.  In addition, you can review a shared google calendar with every event planned out with details.

For some events like our Do-It-Yourself grab and go events, we have limited supplies and recommend you coming to Lower Brooks Student Center to pick up supplies and materials at the start time of each event.   We hope you all enjoy our events!

Quick Links:


Tuesday, January 19th Schedule

Wednesday, January 20th Schedule

Thursday, January 21st Schedule

Friday, January 22nd Schedule

Saturday, January 23rd Schedule

Sunday, January 24th Schedule


Quarantine Week Events: Google Calendar Access

This google calendar shows all of our events happening from Tuesday, January 19th through Sunday January 24th.  We will be continuously updating this calendar as details change.   


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