Student Financial Services

Billing / Refunds

Beginning the Spring 2022 semester, the University of Southern Maine will no longer issue paper tuition billing statements in the mail.  Instead, USM will begin issuing eBills (electronic bills) to Touchnet where you will be able to view and print your billing statements each semester.  Students will receive automated emails to their account when a new bill has been issued to Touchnet, therefore it is critical that students regulary monitor their email account.  Updated eBills will be generated to Touchnet around the 15th of each month.  Additionally, you may request a paper bill be mailed as well by going to the link below and completing the online 'Paper Bill Request' form.

Paper Bill Request Form (You must be logged in to your MyUSM portal to access)

Students are able to authorize others, such as parents, to view their eBill, enroll in a payment plan and make online payment through Touchnet as well.  The link below gives instructions on how to set up an authorized user.

Add an Authorized User to Your Student Account

Student Financial Services disburses financial aid to student accounts within applicable federal timeframes. For students who have received financial aid awards and who are registered for the same number of credits which the award is based on, the disbursement of funds to student accounts generally occurs 10 days before the beginning of the semester. Be advised that financial aid awards will not disburse if your enrollment does not match the enrollment upon which your award was calculated. Disbursements to student accounts routinely occur several times per week. If excess funds remain on the account after the awards have been applied to your enrollment charges, a refund will be generated. Students who have elected to sign up for direct deposit will have the refund direct deposited while those who have not will have a paper check mailed to them.

Enroll or Modify Direct Deposit 

Student Financial Services will review your final enrollment status at the end of the add/drop period or the end of the second week of each semester. If your enrollment has changed from that upon which the financial aid award is based, the award will be adjusted to reflect actual enrollment. If financial aid is reduced at this time, a balance due may be created on your student account. You are responsible for any outstanding balances created as a result of enrollment changes after aid has been awarded.

Add/Drop/Withdraw Deadlines