Student Financial Services

General Timelines for Award

Student Financial Services will generally begin packaging student financial aid awards in mid-March for the next award year which includes Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters. Awards are generated on a regular basis for any students who meet all eligibility requirements. These requirements include items such as being admitted to USM, maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), submitting all documents requested on Mainestreet, and meeting federal citizenship requirements. Once a financial aid package is generated, newly admitted students will receive a letter via regular postal service mail indicating that their financial aid package can be viewed in the Mainestreet Student Service Center. Other program requirements are outlined in the letter. Continuing students will simply receive an email stating that their financial aid award can be accessed on Mainestreet. Students who have been awarded financial aid must review the award, accept loans if they are needed, and must provide additional eligibility updates through the Mainestreet Student Center.


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