Student Financial Services

Third-Party Billing and Payment Information

3rd Party Billing - It is the student’s responsibility to obtain authorization from the third-party sponsor. The student or the third-party sponsor will need to provide a hard copy of the authorization form to the Student Financial Services office before the payment due date. A late authorization could result in a late-payment fee.

An authorization requires specific information pertaining to what the third-party sponsor is willing to pay on the student's behalf (i.e. tuition, fees, room, and/or board) and the specific dollar amount(s).

The authorizations can be mailed or emailed to the following:

USM Student Financial Services
37 College Ave
Gorham, ME 04038


NOTE:   It is the student's responsibility to make payment for any portion of the bill not covered by the third-party sponsor, by the payment due date, to avoid late-payment fees. USM offers payment plans to assist students in paying for their classes. 

For questions about school-district third-party billing, contact Student Financial Services at (207) 780-5123 or by email at

For questions about all other types of third-party billing, contact Student Financial Services at (207) 780-4888 or by email at