Student Accounts

Authorize Access to Student Information

Student Information Release

The Student Consent To Release Information Form (PDF) form allows students to grant access to their education record, which includes student account information, to specified individuals. This access remains in effect until the student revokes permission in writing.  Once the Registrar or Student Accounts staff receives the completed form, the information will be documented in MaineStreet.

The completed consent form grants University staff approval to share student education record information.  The completed form does not grant access to online records.

For additional information regarding student privacy visit the Registrar’s website at or call the Registrar’s office at (207) 780-5230.


Add an Authorized User  to Your Student Account

Bill +Payment Suite offers students the opportunity to authorize others to view the student’s online account, enroll in a payment plan and make online payment. 

Authorized users who enroll in a payment plan will receive monthly e-mail reminders that payment is due.

Authorized user access to MaineStreet is limited to student account information. It does not grant access to student online academic records.

For additional information regarding adding an authorized user call the Student Accounts Office (207)780-5200.