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USM STRIVE U Curriculum

STRIVE U Class 2008

STRIVE U Class of 2008

The curriculum has been designed to provide STRIVE U students with a foundation of experiences and general exposure to areas related to academics, fitness/health, and co-curricular activities. STRIVE U believes every individual needs to build a rich and fulfilling personal and professional life. Students are issued an official USM Student ID Card and have full access to campus life.

Foundation Courses

Year 1– Students are enrolled in two structured courses designed to explore self and decision-making, and to assist students in the development of a realistic educational plan. The two courses are:

FRS 004 - Transition to College; Part 1 (1.5 credits)
FRS 005 - Transition to College; Part 2 (1.5 credits)

Year 2— Students are required to participate in two seminars designed to serve as an anchoring point for students as they enact their educational plans. Topics covered will be responsive to emerging needs and may include career decision-making and planning, exposure to post-secondary learning experiences, and understanding oneself as a learner. The two seminars are:

FRS 006— Seminar in Life-Long Learning; Part 1(1.5 credits)
FRS 007— Seminar in Life-Long Learning; Part 2(1.5 credits)

Academic Electives

Students have the option to select two courses from the academic elective list, with the recommendation of the USM STRIVE U Coordinator. The students have the last three semesters of their USM experience to complete the two courses.

Fitness Elective

Fitness Worksheet - pdf

The STRIVE U Curriculum aims to develop an appreciation for health and fitness. On a weekly basis, each student will participate in an intramural activity, access the USM gym, or take a physical fitness class every week during their four-semester USM experience.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Co-Curricular Worksheet - pdf

The STRIVE U Curriculum asks that each student participate and join in a USM or Greater Portland club/activity each month of their four-semester USM experience. Students are required to answer questions based on their co-curriculum experience. This component of the Curriculum introduces the student to a wide range of different social disciplines: their subject matter, their methods, and their broader purposes.

Second Year Presentation

Over the four-semesters, STRIVE U students take photos of what they have learned and feel is important in their lives. During the Second Year Presentation, held at the end of their final semester, guests see, hear  and learn about each students overall STRIVE U experience.

Click here to view the 2011 Second Year Presentation.

What do the STRIVE U students receive when they complete their USM experience?

Upon successful completion of the STRIVE U Curriculum, STRIVE U students will be awarded a Certificate of Lifelong Learning from USM. They will also have a University of Southern Maine transcript that will serve as further evidence of the completion of these courses.

What are the Differences between High School and College for Students with Disabilities?

This hand out will assist you in understanding some of the differences between  High School and College.