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Resource Page:

Here you will find many of the resources that are Frequently used by our Greek Life Organizations! 

Performance and Excellence Program:
The Performance and Excellence Program is used to help keep communication open between the office of Greek Life and our active chapters.  It also outlines all of the points the Office of Greek Life uses to measure the success of our Greek Organizations. 

Academic Release Form:
TheAcademic Release Form is used to provide the Office of Greek Life the ability to release information about Members academic status.  Please drop off completed forms in 119 Brooks Student Center.  Sigma Nu Academic Release form for Fall 2014 

Greek Event Registration Form:
The Event Registration Form is used to provide the Office of Greek Life information about the events that are happening in our Greek Houses.  Remember, this form is due atleast 7 days before an event.  Remember, the Greek Life Office isn't always open on the weekends, so earlier is way better than later.

Chartering Packet:
The Chartering Packet is used to provide the Office of Greek Life information about the Greek Life Orgnaizations who plans to charter at the University of Southern Maine in the next 90 days. Rember, this packet must be submitted 7 days before the the Greek Colony meets with the Office of Greek Life, and the University of Southern Maine Dean of Students.

Extension Package:
On December 6th, 2013, The University of Southern Maine's All Greek Council (AGC), voted in favor to allow a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority to establish a chapter on our campus. Attached in the entire University of Southern Maine's Extenstion Package.

University of Southern Maine & Greek Life Relaitonship:
This document decrisbes the relationship between the University of Southern Maine, and all Greek Life Chapters at the University. Any questoin on this document can be directed to

Greek Study Hours Reporting:
As a result of feedback recieved in the Performance & Excellence Program review in Spring 2014, the Office of Greek Life will allow chapters to submit study hours completed outside of the library through the Greek Study Hours Reporting Form online.  Hours must be submited no later than 7 days after they have been completed.  Hours submitted more than 7 days from their completion will not be counted. Any questions on the Greek Study Hours Webform can be directed to

Chapter Leadership Reporting Form:
The Chapter Leadership Reporting Online Form is used to submit information about chapter leadership.  Don’t forget to include your Advisors!

Active Chapter Member Reporting Form: 
The Active Chapter Member Reporting Online Form is used to submit chapter’s active rosters.  If a chapter wants to check their active roster, or needs to remove a name, please contact the Office of Greek Life Directly.  Rosters should be submitted for grade reports no less than 3 weeks before the last day classes of each semester. 

Hazing Reporting:
There are a variety of ways to report hazing including this anonymous online form.  Any form of Hazing is Dangerous and Illegal.  The University of Southern Maine has a zero tolerance policy around hazing.  If you suspect that you have been hazed, have witness hazing, or suspect that someone you know has been hazed, you can report your observations confidentially to university officials. Hazing Prevention Resources include USM Police Department (207) 780-5211, the National Hazing Prevention Hotline (888) 668-4293, and the Office of Greek Life (207) 780-5081.

USM Organization Resources:
Follow this link to find a complete list of all of the USM resources available to Student Organizations!  Don’t forget to nominate your fellow Greek members for the Dog Pound, USM’s Peer Student Recognition Program.

All Greek Council Constitution:
All Greek Organizations at the University of Southern Maine are recognized by USM’s All Greek Council.  All Greek Council strives to promote and maintain Greek Life by offering USM students the opportunity to participate in an alternative community setting with emphasis on leadership, community service, scholastic achievement, self-governance and unity.  Their Constitution can be found here.

Greek Interest Form:
Thinking about joining a Greek Letter Group?  Feel free to reach out to any Greek Letter Organization on your own to learn more about if the organization is right for you!  Having a hard time connecting with the organization... no problem... Fill out this online form, and the office of Greek Life will pass your contact information along to the recruitment chair.


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