Student Life

Phi Mu Delta


We started out small. We had 12 brothers and the daunting task of starting a fraternity. But luckily with the help of our national directors Tom Murphy, field rep Ryan Olsen and our Alumni, we have grown to 18 brothers. 

Our brothers are leaders. You'll find many of us are involved as student leaders, whether its being involved in student organizations or student government. Some of our brothers even run their own business. Others are involved on campus as resident assistants and support staff. 

We couldn't do this without the help of our alumni and without each other. Here's to 2013!

Phi Mu Delta

Phi Mu Delta is a small, national fraternity founded on March 1, 1918 at the Universities of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The fraternity is focused on the three ideals of democracy, service, and brotherhood. Phi Mu Delta has 13 active chapters nationally, with 3 active colonies including the USM Colony.

Any form of Hazing is Dangerous and Illegal.  The University of Southern Maine has a zero tolerance policy around hazing.  If you suspect that you have been hazed, have witness hazing, or suspect that someone you know has been hazed, you can report your observations confidentially to university officials.  Hazing Prevention Resources include USM Police Department (207) 780-5211, the National Hazing Prevention Hotline (888) 668-4293, and the Office of Greek Life (207) 780-5081