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Student Org Fundraising

 USM Student Organziation Fundraising Tips


Fundraising money is vital to all organizations.

When fundraising ask yourself…

  • How much do we want to spend?
  • What are we fundraising for and who is our target?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Where will we hold the fundraiser and what materials do we need?
  • How many people can help out?
  • Do we have permission/ reservation to use the space?

Soliciting to businesses:

If you would like to solicit businesses, you will need to call the Advancement Office (780-4461) before actually soliciting any business.  They will need to know what businesses you are planning on soliciting. Provide a description of the project (what the funds will be used for), a listing of businesses/companies being approached and the dollar range of requests.

Tabling on Campus

If you want to use vendor tables for your fundraising event you must fill out a reservation form. There are tables available for student group use in Luther Bonney Hall and in the Café area in the Woodbury campus Center, as well as the Brooks Student Center.      

Here are a few ideas we've seen work for fundraisers...

  • Sell candy bars 
  • Sell T-Shirts   
  • Raffles                 
  • Car Wash     
  • Bake Sale 
  • Soup/Bread sale        
  • Wrap gifts for local businesses around the holidays      
  • Dance           
  • Casino Night     
  • Bottle drive/ change drive

 Look for ideas by searching the web:    

The ideas for fundraising are only limited by your groups imagination! The best thing to do is somthing unique!