Student Success

Prepare for Orientation

Review the checklist below, consult our Frequently Asked Questions, and bring all of your supporting materials with you to your orientation session.

Activate USM E-mail

  1. Activate your USM E-mail to start the process. Enter your identification number. This is your student ID number. This number was sent to you with your acceptance letter from the admissions office. 

  2. If you are having trouble with activating your email, or if you've misplaced your admissions letter, you can contact the Help Desk at (207) 780-4029. They will help you set-up your email. It is important that this gets done because we will be sending important information about orientation through your email account.

Pay Deposit

  1. To pay your deposit, log on to MaineStreet using your same user ID and Password as your USM email account.

  2. Click on Student Self-Service.

  3. Click on Student Center.

  4. Under Student Finances, click on Make a Payment.

Students without writing SAT/ACT scores

Please complete the writing self-assessment.

Take Math Placement Exam

The math placement exam helps you and your academic advisor plan your academic program. It assesses your current skill level in Math and the results will be used in helping you and your advisor determine the appropriate courses for you to take.

Submit Transfer Credits

It is important to have all of your transfer credits evaluated, to ensure that you are registered into proper courses for the semester.

Submit AP/Prior Learning credits

The Office for Prior Learning Assessment believes students should be rewarded for knowledge achieved outside the traditional classroom if it fulfills the academic criteria set forth by USM faculty. Contact the Office for Prior Learning Assessment to submit any AP/Prior Learning credits that you may have.

Submit Immunization Records

If you were born after December 31, 1956, you must submit Proof of Immunization to comply with the Maine Post-Secondary School Immunization Law before you will be allowed to register for USM classes.

Complete Registration Worksheet (pdf)

"I also invite you to spend some time browsing through our course offerings on MaineStreet—taking the time to decide on courses that will interest you and help to fulfill your degree requirements and complete the registration worksheet. I always tell my History major advisees to try and plan a balanced five-course schedule each semester. You can do this early on in your undergraduate career by choosing two courses to help fulfill core requirements, two courses in your major [or, if you are undeclared, two courses in disciplines you think might be a potential major], and one course that you are personally interested and invested in" —Professor Libby Bischof, History Department