Sustainability at USM

USM Campus Moves

This page is a guide to help arrange your campus move. All moves are coordinated with Jon Doré, USM's Move & Operations Coordinator with the Office of Sustainability. 

Jon Doré is the Coordinator of USM Campus Moves. He assists customers with the evaluation, planning and implementation of their moves of USM personnel and USM furniture in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston. 

Jon and the other staff with the Office of Sustainability are committed to improving the move process across our three campuses through clear communications, systematic procedures, consistent policies and personalized service. One of our primary goals is to improve the move process and overall space usage in order to help the University save money, reduce material waste and better serve our students, faculty and staff. 


Request a Move 

The first step is knowing what kind of moves need to be coordinated through Jon Doré.   

  • Core moves of USM people and their USM furniture/equipment moving from one permanent office to another.
  • Core capital project moves of USM people and their USM furniture/equipment  from one permanent location to another.

If your move fits within one of these two categories you are ready to request a move. 

Follow the link below and please be ready to provide a funding source (chartfield) and the contact information for the head of your department, the person authorizing the move.


Download and fill out a Move Request form. 


The following moves do not require a move request but a work order.

  • Moves of only furniture and/or equipment-this includes items that have successfully "swapped" on the Online Swap
  • Moves not related to a cleaning project or temporary in nature 
  • Office reorganizations or relocation of storage items requiring moves of furniture and/or equipment