Sustainability at USM

Electronic Waste Collection Day

USM is not hosting an electronic waste recycling day this year, 2020, due to a host of constraints. We will evaluate whether or not we can do this event in 2021 and beyond. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please visit Eco-Maine's Recyclopedia here, for how to properly and safetly recycle or dispose of the electronics that you have. 

For historical reference, USM's event was normally done on or around Earth Day in collaboration with the City of Portland, North Coast Services, Troiano Waste Services, the Portland Sea Dogs, and other groups. The event served the Greater Portland company by collecting old, obsolete, and broken electronic items including TVs, printers, stereos, phones, and computers that contain hazardous materials such as mercury. Over nearly a decade, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, the event diverted more than 500 tons of electronic waste from polluting the environment. Thank you to all who participated. 



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