Sustainability at USM

Sustainability Plan

During Earth Week of 2017, the office of sustainability culminated a six-month effort to create a strategic sustainability plan. It was endorsed by Student Senate on October 13th of 2017.

To develop the plan, the office garnered input from over 12 campus departments and student groups, representing all three campuses: Portland, Gorham and Lewiston-Auburn. The plan’s overarching objective is to achieve significant progress toward the University’s national commitment of becoming a carbon neutral campus by the year 2040. Therefore, the plan absorbed the previous 2012 climate action plan, updated it, and expanded it to cover many other sustainability topics beyond carbon mitigation and energy. 

The plan is comprised of three major pillars, which are strategically designed to be mutually reinforcing: energy; material resources; and education & outreach. All three pillars help advance carbon neutrality, while also supporting numerous non-carbon objectives, such as resource reuse, cost savings, education and community building.

We invite you to read our plan here. It will evolve over the next eight years and be updated annually with input from our students, staff, and faculty. Please contact us to join the conversation about current and future sustainability efforts at USM.