Sustainability at USM

Sustainable Transportation

Whether you do it to save money or save the environment, getting out of your single occupancy vehicle is never a bad idea! Whether it's biking, walking, taking a shuttle or city bus, there are benefits to them all. For example, riding your bike not only cuts down on fossil fuel use but also burns enough calories to skip that afternoon trip to the gym while reducing air and noise pollution. It's a win-win-win!

The list below includes the alternative transport options that USM offers to staff and students. If you'd like to learn more or have a suggestion, please contact us.

USM Introduces the Husky Line! A partnership between Greater Portland METRO and USM. 

Biking at USM

Walking at USM

USM Motorpool


METRO Husky Line 

Uou can board the METRO Husky Line on campus in Portland or Gorham, as well as at additional stops in Portland, Westbrook, and Gorham.As an additional benefit for all USM students*, staff, and faculty, you can now access all Greater Portland METRO lines for free with your USM Campus ID Card!



USM Portland utilizes Saris Post & Ring racks for some of their bike parking   Biking at USM

Currently the USM Facilities Management Team, Police Department, and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine are teaming up to increase bike accessibility and awareness on both the Gorham and the Portland campus. We aim to offer more and better bike storage as well as safer routes and less conflict between cars and bikes.

Read this Free Press 'Sustainability & ME' Article about how biking and walking saves students money over driving!

The City of Portland has establish bike lanes on Forest Avenue, Bedford Street, and Brighton Avenue surrounding the Portland campus. Haven't been on a bike in a while but want to take advantage of the season? Check Bike Coalition of Maine's safety page to brush up on everything from helmet fit to rules of the road. 

Currently there are bike racks on the Portland campus and the Gorham campus (click links to see vehicle and bike parking maps). If you are a cyclist and have suggestions as to type or placement of additional bike storage racks, or if you'd like to be involved in future bike activities such as social rides, technical workshops, or developing a bike share program please contact us.

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USM Skywalk    Walking at USM

On the hilly small-town Gorham campus pedestrians reign. Roads and parking lots have, in general, been moved to the periphery of campus to create a safer, quieter inner campus zone. Paved walkways, granite steps, and painted crosswalks provide comfortable and attractive paths crisscrossing campus. 

The Portland USM campus is an urban campus and experiences much greater car traffic volume. In order to ensure pedestrian safety there are multiple painted crosswalks accompanied by yellow flashing lights.  There is a heated skywalk that connects the parking garage and Abromson Center that increases pedestrian safety and comfort and improves vehicle traffic flow on bustling Bedford Street.

All three USM campuses are located close to businesses and parks that can be reached on foot or by bicyle. 



Toyota Prius    USM Motorpool

Facilities Management maintains five vehicles located next to 25 Bedford Street in Portland. There are two hybrid Priuses, a minivan, and two nine-passenger vans. USM clubs, departments, and organizations are welcome to borrow these vehicles for a small fee to do off-campus University business. After you fill out the Motorpool Request Form, call FM at (207) 780-4160 for more details or to reserve a vehicle.

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