Sustainability at USM

Tobacco-Free Campus Committee Members

Below is a list of many of our current TFC Committee members along with their titles and a statement of why they serve on the committee. To get in touch with a committee member simply click on their name.


Suzanne M. Roy, Co-Chair of the Tobacco-Free Campus Committee

Manager of Employee Wellness Program at USM

One of Suzanne’s primary roles as health educator at the University’s wellness program is to act as a change agent.  Her mission in health promotion is to educate, support and empower those who work and study at USM to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Her greatest aspiration is to be instrumental in creating a culture of wellness throughout the USM community – a challenge she thoroughly embraces.

Suzanne accepted a position as Chair of the Tobacco Policy Committee in 2010. Since that time, the committee has grown to twenty-five members - that include students, faculty and staff. Their primary goal is to foster a greater awareness of the health and environmental benefits involved in adopting a Tobacco-Free Campus.


Malinda Scannell, Co-Chair of the Tobacco-Free Campus Committee

Nurse Practitioner, University Health and Counseling Center

I strongly believe in fostering and promoting a climate of wellness, that enhances one's health and general well being.  The hazards of tobacco use and second hand smoke are well documented.  A climate free of tobacco provides the safest environment for our community to learn, work and live.


Lee Anne Dodge

Assistant Director of Student Life, Coordinator of Substance Abuse Prevention and Wellness

I am on the Tobacco Committee to help provide prevention and intervention information to students and to help improve the USM environment.


Bridget A. Goyette
Student, SBS Major,  President of the USM-LAC Student Senate/Government.

I am on this committee because this is a critical issue for me and I want to be a part of helping USM become smoke Free. I have seen too many people hurt from not only smoking themselves but from second hand exposure to tobacco products. I can not imagine standing idle by why millions of people are being hurt in some way by exposure to tobacco. How can anyone stand by and watch this? I believe in collective action and this is why I am a part of this committee.


Claire Hassler

Benefits Director/HR

I'm on the committee to help employees with the transition to a smoke free campus by providing them with resources available under our benefit plans.


Tyler Kidder

Assistant Director for Sustainable Programs, Facilities Management

Part of my role at USM is to improve the environment through reducing pollution. Tobacco smoke pollutes our air and discarded cigarette butts pollute our soil and water. I am working towards a tobacco-free USM because we all deserve to breath clean air and have clean campuses!


Melanie Knox

Public Welfare Program Analyst, Muskie School of Public Service

I'm a mother of 4 and have struggled with smoking over the years.  Basically I believe USM should go smoke free because I think smokers and non-smokers should both have rights.  Non-smokers have the right to walk around campus and enter and exit the building without going through a cloud of smoke.  Smokers have the right to smoke, but should do it where it doesn't infringe on any other persons right to free air.  I would say that is a win-win situation!


Sarah Mayberry

Director, Maine Tobacco-Free College Network (USM Alum, 2006)

My job is to support colleges and universities in being healthier environments by creating tobacco-free campus policies, so I am excited to be supporting USM's effort by participating on their tobacco policy committee.


Claire Schroeder

Tobacco Prevention Coordinator at Communities Promoting Health Coalition, USM’s local Healthy Maine Partnership.

I have the privilege of working with the dedicated members of the University of Southern Maines Tobacco Free Campus committee.I do this work because I think it is essential that we look at the toll the Tobacco Industry has had on our communities across this country.  Every day I am aware of the impact of addiction on our bodies and our relationships, and I think it is essential that we come together to make positive changes that have long-lasting implications.  This is hard work, but at the heart of it is the importance of supporting each other to live healthy and meaningful lives. 


George Shaler

Research Associate at the Muskie School

As a public health professional and member of the USM community I believe strongly that the University and other places of higher education should promote a  healthy and safe environment in which to learn.  One such way to accomplish this charge is to provide a tobacco-free community. 


Robert Smith

Director of Administrative Services

I see the tobacco use question from many perspectives; all members of the University community should have the expectation that the air they breath and the grounds and buildings they learn in,  work in  and live in need not be fouled by the by-products of tobacco such as smoke, butts, and the evidence of smokeless tobacco.  Visitors to campus should not have their impression of our campuses be negatively impacted by any physical evidence of tobacco products.  The health and safety of all members of the USM community are at risk when tobacco is in use.


Hilmar von Strunck

Business Manager for Residential Life and Resident Education

 I am serving on the Tobacco Free Committee because I see it as a duty to inform people of the dangers of smoking and also keep the air clean for non smokers that are unfortunately and all too often exposed to second hand smoke! "Give up the habit to regain your own full health and don't make others sick with the second hand smoke you spread!"