Sustainability at USM

USM Community Garden

The USM Community Garden consists of 36 raised beds located in the heart of the Portland Campus.  All are welcome to visit the garden space in front of the Sullivan Gym but please no pets or taking food that is not in either of the two community plots. 

Current students get priority consideration for a plot each season; alumni, staff, faculty, and community members will be considered after, in that order. 

The 2018 growing season schedule is as follows: 

Community Conversation   Wednesday March 14th and Friday March 16th  6:00p.m. 204 Payson Smith Hall 

Info Session                      Monday March 19th and Thursday 22nd            6:00p.m. 207 Payson Smith Hall       

Interested gardeners must attend an info session to be considered for a plot.

Application due                 Monday April 2nd

Decisions                          April 16th

Fees due                          April 30th

Deadline to plant              June 1st


Our objectives: 

  • To promote sustainable gardening practices through hands-on workshops. All community garden members pledge to use all organic fertilizers and are encouraged to engage in low-impact methods.
  • We aim to provide an educationally-inspiring and accessible agricultural space which is safe and welcoming to all those interested and who show commitment to a communal growing space.  All members and non-members are welcome at our workshops.

History of the USM Community Garden: The garden started as a club in 2008; a motivated group of students collaborated in obtaining the space and raised funds to construct the raised beds.  Over the years the growing space has doubled.  In the spring of 2013 all garden community members voted in support of a transition from student club status to advisement under the Office of Sustainability.  Today the garden is coordinated by a hired work-study student. As we are now overseen by a facet of the University of Maine system, a cohesive and active relationship exists between the garden and USM.  


Season rental fee: $20-$36 depending on plot size and affiliation (student vs staff) within the university.  

**We believe in food accessibility for all! If you need financial assistance with fees, please let us know. **

Interested in getting involved? Even if you are not a current gardener all are welcome to take part in the garden events and workshops! Please email to join our mailing list.