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USM Cycle Club Survey


Welcome to the survey for the USM Cycle Club. Are you interested in bikes? Group rides? Workshops on mechanical skills? Please fill out the short survey to help us understand who our riders are and what they might be interested in doing.


Tyler & Maryalice

Please enter your first & last name
How are you affiliated with USM?
Please choose any that apply
Please indicate your level of comfort and experience on your bicycle. The options may not fit you exactly, but just choose the closest
What type of events are you most interested in attending? If you have other ideas, add them to the comments section!
What is the best time of day for you to take rides? What is the best time for you to attend workshops? Click all that apply.
Would you prefere to depart for rides from the Portland, Gorham, or Lewiston Campus? Would you prefer workshops occur on the Portland, Gorham, or Lewiston Campus? Click all that apply.
Please indicate a mileage range that you are comfortable riding. For instance, '15-20 miles', or 'less than 5 miles'. If you are not interested in rides, say that here!
Do you have a vehicle in which you would be willing to carry passengers?
Do you have a vehicle equipped with a bike rack on which you'd be willing to carry one or more additional bikes to a ride?
We are looking at installing a public work stand for people to use on the Portland campus, similar to the Dero FixIt or the Fixtation. If we installed a public bike stand with tools and a tire pump, how frequently would you use it? If you have more to say about this, please add it to the comments box below!
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