Sustainability at USM

USM Portland Food Forest Garden

USM Food Forest Garden on the Portland CampusVisit our Food Forest Garden on the Portland USM Campus! This low-impact gardening technique is based on Permaculture design principles, mimicking woodland ecosystems, which can provide food, medicine and fiber for humans as well as a habitat to support other species including our bee and pollinator populations. Food forests utilize permaculture practices and are a sustainable, closed loop systems approach to gardening that rejuvenate ecosystems with minimal upkeep and no chemicals or pesticides. 

David Homa, graduate of USM and currently of Post Carbon Designs and Resilient Roots, designed the USM food forest garden and lead the installation with the help from USM staff, students, alumni, and community members - see photos below.

Staff, Students, Alumni, and community members helped do the initial landscaping for the USM Food Forest Garden

USM Food Forest Installation Work Party, June 2013Food Forest Location on Portland USM Campus








Come check out the Food Forest Garden between Luther Bonney Hall and Payson Smith Hall (see the green star on the map). Wander the paths and help yourself to whatever edible delights you find!