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Water & Stormwater

It’s raining, it’s pouring…..We all know how the rest of this song goes, it’s something as kids and maybe as adults we chant on rainy days to wish the rain away.  But runoff from stormwater can do more damage than just dampen our plans for the day (pun intended).  Stormwater is and remains an issue on the USM campus as well as anywhere that there is a significant amount of non-permeable surface present, such as parking lots.  Runoff is problematic because it has the ability to pick up any and everything that is discarded or discharged on the ground and carry it into our surrounding water sources that we use for recreation, swimming and drinking.  Our biggest culprit polluting storm water drains is cigarette butts, but debris such as pesticides, fertilizers, trash, pet waste and more flow straight into places like Tannery Brook which lies along the perimeter of USM’s Gorham campus and eventually drains into the Presumpscot River and then Casco Bay. 

USM is taking several measures to combat this environmental problem.  We recently drafted a new 5 year USM storm water management plan for the Gorham campus that complies with the Department of Environmental Protection's requirements and includes ideas such as planting to reduce runoff, creative storm water drain stencils, implementation of a storm water incident page and a plan to integrate storm water issues into the USM course curriculum. 

Read USM's Stormwater Management Plan for the Gorham Campus here!

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Click here for our Notice of Intent to Comply with General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Storm Sewer Systems.