School of Social Work

Field Experience: Peer Reviews

 Deb G.:  For anyone who is interested in learning about substance abuse treatment, Crossroads is definitely a worthy internship.  The education I have received about the disease of addiction, it’s progression and ways of treating it has given me the confidence to work in the field of substance abuse.  Not only are the clinicians amazing at what they do, the supervision I received was extremely beneficial to my education.  For anyone interested in gender specific substance abuse treatment, I highly recommend the Crossroads internship.

Raven M.:  Being placed at Parkside Neighborhood Center has been a very rewarding experience for me. It's allowed me to grow as a person and as a Social Worker. It has educated me about different agencies around the area in order to adequately refer clients and has been a great way to network in order to make connections for possible employment after graduation.

Caroline R.:  For a fast paced learning environment where you will be given the support and respect you deserve as an educated member of the social work profession, try Preble Street Resource Center. This agency began as an offshoot of the University of Southern Maine and continues its age-old tradition of molding aspiring social work students to become the best they can be. Students in this internship will learn about everything from hunger and homelessness to effective supervisions and team building!

Brian G.: I am doing my internship at the Portland Community Health Center.  It is a primary care facility but we also have behavioral Health and counseling.  It is a low barrier facility.  I started doing new patient intakes and I am now doing outreach and patient navigation.  The majority of the intakes I did were with refugees, which wasn't originally a population I was interested in working with.  However, after talking to them and hearing their stories, they are a population that I would definitely consider working with again.