School of Social Work

Innovative New Course for USM Juniors & Seniors in Spring 2019: Launching Into Life After College

Are you thinking ahead to what life will be like for you after complete your undergraduate degree?  Do you find yourself worried about the transition from being a student to a worker and developing a new identity as an employee in a professional environment? Are you looking for support around planning for the new phase of life ahead?  If this is the case, Launching Into Life After College, COR 400, may be for you!

 This is a 3 credit, semester-long course designed by an interdisciplinary team of USM faculty from Social Work, Computer Science & Communication/Media Studies. In our contemporary world, the transition to life after college warrants a new kind of attention.  Together, based on collective insights as teachers and advisors in their respective disciplines, along with some research findings on the subject, this group of faculty developed the curriculum for COR 400.  The course is approved by USM for a pilot in spring 2019, with 15 juniors and seniors, from any major (not just for social work!).  We are very excited to offer this course.  As part of it, we will be studying student perspectives on transitioning from college and the effectiveness of the course in supporting students through it. Listen to the WMPG podcast about the course, USM Now:  Life After College,  Take  a look at the course description and the course notes below to see if this might be of interest to you. It is also an excellent option for students scheduled to graduate who need a few extra credits to meet the 120 required. You can register on Mainestreet.  Title:  COR 400, Launching Into Life After College Co-InstructorsJeanette, Andonian, MSW, PhD, Social Work & David Bantz, PhD, Computer Science Day/Time/LocationThursday, 1:15-3:45, 208 Luther Bonney Course Description:  This course focuses on the multifaceted nature of the transition into life after college. Interactive class sessions and course assignments are designed to illuminate the social, psychological, emotional and academic aspects of leaving college to advance smoothly and successfully toward this new life phase. The aim is to help students grow and consolidate gains by developing personal insights and planning strategic actions that will aid in transcending barriers to living the kind of life desired after college. Students engage in self-sharing with peers throughout the course to increase awareness about the meaning of this life transition, face and overcome internal or external challenges, improve decision-making and explore future possibilities. It is an aim of this course to build confidence and skill in interpersonal communication, a vital aspect of work environments. Pre-requisites:  Junior  & senior status; Course grading:  Pass/Fail

Course Notes:  Built into the COR 400 is the expectation that students will participate in the research that will be conducted to improve understanding of the student transition experience and the effectiveness of the course itself (IRB process pending--approval anticipated in advance of spring semester). Please contact Dr. Jeanette Andonian (Principal Investigator) if you have questions or would like more detail,