School of Social Work

MSW Low-Residency Course Sequence

Low-Residency MSW Program Course Sequence

(All courses are delivered online and most have 2-3 face-to-face meetings per semester)

Year 1

Summer 2022

Blended MSW Program Orientation (short course module)



SWO 501: Multicultural Social Work



SWO 502: Human Behavior I


Fall 2022

SWO 552:  Human Behavior II



SWO 505:  Research I


Spring 2023

SWO 504: Social Welfare Policy



SWO 605: Research II

Year 2

Summer 2023

Elective I



Elective II


Fall 2023

SWO 503:  Social Work Practice I



SWO 554:  Fieldwork & Seminar I


Spring 2024

SWO 553:  Social Work Practice II



SWO 555:  Fieldwork & Seminar II

Year 3

Summer 2024

SWO 604:  Social Welfare Policy II



SWO 660: Advanced Biopsychosocial Assessment


Fall 2024

SWO 603:  Social Work Practice w/Groups



SWO 654:  Fieldwork & Seminar III


Spring 2025

SWO 651: Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families



SWO 655:  Fieldwork & Seminar IV

All students must take three electives and these can be taken at any time after the initial summer session.  Electives are offered each semester including summer, so students can choose when they take their (3) electives.