Teacher Certification


Welcome to the USM Teacher Certification! With a historic dedication to teacher education dating back to 1878, the School of Education & Human Development, in partnership with colleges throughout the university, offers students the opportunity to earn a teaching certifcate while still pursuing their specific major and academic goals.

Undergraduate Teacher Certification
How it Works

USM undergraduate students pursue their major through a college, and then choose the content area for their teaching based on the major. The colleges that offer this teacher education option are Lewiston-Auburn; Management and Human Service; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science, Technology and Health.

In addition to completing the major, students also take the courses defined by their content area. This includes introduction to education, teaching methods, and student teaching. Students identify early in their major if they also want to pursue teacher certification.  At the end of the student's undergraduate career at USM, he or she will have a bachelor's degree, major, and teacher certification in a content area related to their major.

Undergraduate Teacher Certification Options:

Major Leads to Certification In
Art Education K-12 Art
Biology 7-12 Life Science
Chemistry 7-12 Physical Science
English K-8 or 7-12 English Language Arts
Environmental Science 7-12 Life or Physical Science
Geography-Anthropology K-8 or 7-12 Social Studies
History K-8 or 7-12 Social Studies
Math 7-12 Math
Music Education K-12 Music
Natural and Applied Science at LAC K-8 or 7-12 Life Science
 Physics  7-12 Physical Science
Self-Designed STEM K-8 Education major K-8
Social and Behavioral Sciences at LAC Early Childhood Education


Graduate Teacher Certification
How it Works

At the graduate level students complete both teacher certification in a specific content area and a master's degree. Prospective students apply to the M.S. in Special Education or the M.S.Ed. in Teaching and Learning: ETEP for the other content areas. English as Second Language is offered as an endorsement for those who already have teacher certification in another content area. For information about other graduate education programs please click here.