Teacher Education

Why Study Education at USM?

Extensive Classroom Experience

  • Students are in K-12 school classrooms early and often throughout their program, beginning the second semester of the freshman year
  • All students complete at least a one-year internship in two different placement settings
  • Classroom placements work in tandem with teacher preparation courses
  • Classroom placements are located in partner schools
  • Students receive more total classroom experience in diverse settings than graduates of other four-year teacher education programs

Supportive Group Learning

  • Faculty strive to create a community of learners
  • Internship is cohort-based
  • Intensive advising occurs with faculty and staff
  • Lifelong friendships are developed

Superior Liberal Arts Preparation

  • Students major in the liberal arts with extensive preparation in the content areas of elementary, middle, and high school where they intend to teach
  • Students complete more courses in the content areas they will teach than graduates of four-year teacher education programs

Pathway to a Graduate Degree

Students who complete their undergraduate certification at USM are
eligible for master’s pathways designed for them in:

  • Special Education (certificate with master’s degree)
  • English as a Second Language (certificate and master’s degree)
  • Applied Literacy (master’s degree)