Department of Technology


Student advising is an important element of your success as a student. Advising can guide you to take the best courses for your ability level and to ensure you are progressing optimally toward your degree completion. DOT takes advising seriously!

Each student in the department is automatically assigned a faculty advisor upon declaring their major. (Students in a minor program or a certificate program also receive an advisor.)

Students may change advisors based on career interests and preference.

If you are a new student or need assistance in finding your faculty advisor, contact the office at (207) 780-5440 or visit us at 211 John Mitchell Center, Gorham Campus.

You are encouraged to stop by and check in with your faculty advisor anytime. At a minimum, students must meet with their faculty advisor once a semester. During this meeting, you will discuss your progress, future goals, issues, and, of course, select upcoming courses for the next semester.

Be prepared! To chart your degree progress, be sure to use the DOT Major Checklist that matches your matriculation year and major. Also, be sure to consult the most current DOT Two-year Rotation List of courses.