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Frequently Asked Questions DOT

Question: Are the degree programs in the Department of Technology (DOT) accredited?

Answer: The Technology Management degree program in the Department of Technology are accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Question: What does "accredited" mean and why is it important?

Answer: Accreditation means that the programs meet national quality standards in their discipline. Accredited programs are extensively evaluated every few years by teams of professionals from national accrediting associations and have been found to be of high quality.  Accredited programs are recognized nationally as meeting those high standards.

Question:  How much does it cost to go to USM?

Answer: The cost to attend USM depends on several factors such as the number of courses taken,  where students live, fees, meal plans, and course supplies such as text books and will differ for different students. For information about tuition and mandatory fees refer to Student Accounts.

Question: What types of financial aid are available at USM?

Answer: USM has a wide range of financial aid available to students in the Department of Technology . Detailed information is available under the topic Student Financial Aid.

Question: Which of the courses I took at another school will transfer into USM.

Answer: Undergraduate coursework completed at other colleges and universities will be evaluated for transfer credit on the following criteria: whether or not the previous institution was regionally accredited; the grades received in the courses; the comparability of courses taken with course requirements at USM, and the comparability of courses taken with course requirements in the specific degree program.  In some cases courses that transfer into USM can not be used to fulfill requirements for a specific degree program because of the requirements for that degree. Those courses will however show on the students transcript.

Question: How can I find out which of the courses I took at another school will be used to fulfill my requirements in Department of Technology degree programs?

Answer: Courses taken at other schools are evaluated at the time of admission to USM and into the degree program. The admissions office evaluates course transfer into USM and determines courses that will fulfill general education requirements if they do not conflict with specific degree requirements. Courses used to fulfill specific degree requirements are evaluated in the Department of Technology after they are transferred into USM. A tentative evaluation can be requested by the Department prior to admission to provide an estimate of the courses that will transfer into the programs.