Department of Technology

Information & Communications Technology


Information and Communications Concentration

The Information and Communications Technology concentration provides for the study of information and communications systems integral to modern business and industry. The concentration emphasizes theory and application relating to the management and operation of computer and technical systems used for communications, information management, control technology, and publishing. Students may elect to incorporate a minor in computer science, management information systems, or business.


UNIVERSITY CORE - 37 Credits    
College  Writing    
EYE 112    Built Environment
Quantitative Reasoning    Pre-Calculus above
Creative Expression    
Socio-cultural    Economics
Science Exploration    PHY or CHY w/Lab
Cultural Interpretation    
Ethical Inquiry    

Cluster Course 1    
Cluster Course 2    
Cluster Course 3    
Capstone    ITT 460
ITP 210 Technical Writing
BUS 345    Info Tech/MIS
MAT 148    Applied Calculus

General Electives - 6 Credits

Professional - 15 Credits

ITP 230 Project Management
ITP 280 Industrial Org., Mgt., & Supr.
ITP 350 Teambuilding and Facilitation
ITP 381 Human Resource Dev./Ind.
ITS 300 Ergonomics/Time Study

Professional Electives - 12 Credits

Technical - 42 Credits (Required 21)

ITT 181 Introduction to Computers
ITT 241 Graphic Communications
ITT 272 Intro to Computer Networking
ITT 281 Internet Web Site Dev.
ITT 282 Computer Aided Design
ITT 311 Telecommunications
ITT 343 Desktop Pub. & Design

Technical Electives - 18 Credits