Department of Technology

ITT 460 Capstone Information

Congratulations if you are considering taking the ITT 460 Capstone class! 

Capstone is a senior-level class that integrates curriculum content from previous courses to create a capstone experience with a focus on technology, project management, and professional communications. Students will use project management and professional communication techniques to select, complete, and report on an individual project that demonstrates achievement at the application and syntheses level. To get enrolled, Students must contact the class instructor to have their plan approved before the beginning of the course using this format. Prerequisites: ITP 210, ITP 230, graduating senior status, and permission of advisor or instructor.  

The links below provide the initial capstone proposal guide, an APA quick reference guide, APA paper template, and a document that provides PM visualization recommendations for your proposal. 

If you have any questions, please contact the ITT 460 Capstone instructor.