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Nicole Kerns Alumni Award Recipient

Nicole Kerns Alumni Award Recipient

Nicole graduated from the technology management program at USM.

 Nicole has always been interested in working in the technical fields.
Starting from middle school she would spend time reading articles about malicious websites.
While at Lewiston High School she participated in the engineering program and got an associate's degree in computer technology from Central Maine Community College.

Nicole has a sense of curiosity and willingness to explore new things.
Before transferring to the university of southern Maine, Nicole participated in the Disney college program, allowing her to live down in Florida for a semester.

Once at USM, Mrs. Lynn Lovewell introduced Nicole to the cybersecurity lab.
While working at the cybersecurity lab, Prof. Glenn Wilson was the mentor for her research project on Ransomware.
This further inspired her to pursue a career in information security. Today, Nicole works at Tyler Technologies as a senior log forensics analyst and has recently passed the much-coveted CISSP exam.