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Are you interested in a degree or just taking a class through the Department of Technology? We've gathered information here to help you get started. Whether you're a traditional student who is looking to attend college for the first time, have an Associates degree already and want to continue on for your Bachelors, or are just interested in taking a class - we hope you find this information useful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to be an admitted student to take a course in the Department of Technology?

  • No! You can take courses as long as there is space and you meet the course prerequiste(s). Here is a link to a PDF of the courses being offered in the Fall 2021 semester.

Question: Are the degree programs in the Department of Technology (DOT) accredited?

  • The Technology Management degree program in the Department of Technology is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Question: What does "accredited" mean and why is it important?

  • Accreditation means that the programs meet national quality standards in their discipline. Accredited programs are extensively evaluated every few years by teams of professionals from national accrediting associations and have been found to be of high quality. Accredited programs are recognized nationally as meeting those high standards.

Question:  How much does it cost to go to USM?

  • The cost to attend USM depends on several factors such as the number of credits taken, where students live, fees, meal plans, and course supplies such as text books and will differ for different students. For information about tuition and mandatory fees refer to Student Accounts.

Question: What types of financial aid are available at USM?

  • USM has a wide range of financial aid available to students in the Department of Technology. Detailed information is available under the topic Student Financial Aid.

Question: Which of the courses I took at another school will transfer into USM?

  • Undergraduate coursework completed at other colleges and universities will be evaluated for transfer credit on the following criteria: whether or not the previous institution was regionally accredited; the grades received in the courses; the comparability of courses taken with course requirements at USM, and the comparability of courses taken with course requirements in the specific degree program. In some cases courses that transfer into USM can not be used to fulfill requirements for a specific degree program because of the requirements for that degree. However, those courses will still show on the students transcript.

Question: How can I find out which of the courses I took at another school will be used to fulfill my requirements in Department of Technology degree programs?

  • Courses taken at other schools are evaluated at the time of admission to USM and into the degree program. The admissions office evaluates course transfer to USM and determines courses that will fulfill general education requirements if they do not conflict with specific degree requirements. Courses used to fulfill specific degree requirements are evaluated in the Department of Technology after they are transferred into USM. A tentative evaluation can be requested by the Department prior to admission to provide an estimate of the courses that will transfer into the programs.

A degree from the programs in the Department of Technology prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers. The various options in the Industrial Technology program and the Applied Technical Leadership program lead to careers in business and industry and the teacher education programs lead to careers as teachers in either junior and senior high schools or in some cases technical and community colleges. To illustrate the wide variety of careers, the lists below identify employers and job titles of graduates of the Industrial Technology program collected in two follow-up studies of graduates conducted within the past six years. The study also asks for their current salary range. The top salaries were above $90,000 and the most common salary range was between $50,000 and $60,000.


Pratt & Whitney
Bath Iron Works
Access Wellness
CBE Technologies/ValCom
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Fairchild Semiconductor
Genuine Parts Co/NAPA
Great Works Internet
J Maze Design
Lanco Assembly Systems
Oest Associates
Owens Corning (OCV Reinforcements)
Pine Tree Networks
Redington Fairview General Hospital
Sanford Regional Vocational Center
Home Depot
FPL Energy
OMNIA Technologies, Inc.
Rich Tool & Die
Sanmina - SCI
Scarboro Signs
Fairchild Semiconductor
Marine Hydraulics Engineering
Federal Government
Gates Formed Fibre Products
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
The Gem Group, Inc.
Fraser Papers, Inc.
Midcoast Metrology, Inc.
U.S. Navy
Sappi Fine Paper
Maine Army National Guard
Kinetics Systems, Inc.
Baumann, Inc.
David Deschaine Installations
Mead Westvaco
International Paper
Dielectric Communications
Computer Sciences Corp.
ArvhMeritor LVA North America
Northern Maine Community College
Central Maine Community College
Westbrook Regional Vocational Center
Lockheed Martin
Federal Aviation Administration/DOT
Adelphia Cable
Gorham School Department

Job Titles

Production Supervisor
Logistics Engineer
Accuracy Control Engineer
Computer Technician
Construction Estimator
Electrical Assembly Supervisor
Electronic/Robotic Technology Instructor
Engineering Associate
Implant Operator
Industrial Engineer
IS Analyst, Communications
IT Liaison
Network Support Technician
Network System Engineering
Plant Maintenance/Reliability Leader
Process Engineer
Project Mgr
Senior Project Engineer
Store Manager
Structural Designer
Web Developer
Safety & Training Manager
President of a Technology Company
Test Engineer
Facility Manager
Estimating Analyst
Senior Learning Technology Developer
Production Planner/Buyer
Industrial Engineer
Telephone Office Technician
Instrument/Electrical Technician
RF Technician
Product Design Engineer
Engineering Technician
Maintenance Supervisor
CNC Machinist
Principal Project Manager
Manager of Process Control Technology
Welding Specialist
Engineering Technical Manager
Project Engineering Manager
Senior Project EngineerTool Designer
Applications Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
CMMS Coordinator
Crew Leader
Graphic Designer
Training Tech
Management Analyst
Plant Engineering and Maintenance Manager
Systems Engineer
Retail Management Trainee
Federal Aviation Systems Specialist

Job Search Websites

USM has many agreements that exist between the Maine Community College System, the University of Maine System, and other New England-based schools. These documents detail the qualifications and requirements for admission, as well as the coursework a student must complete at the sending institution and then at the University of Southern Maine (USM). We are always working on establishing new agreements, so this list will grow with some frequency.

Office of Admissions Transfer Agreements