Phone Features For Students

Call Forward

To activate

   1. Lift the handset
   2. Press should hear regular dial tone
   3. Dial the four digit campus number where calls are to be forwarded.
   4. Hang up.
   5. Now you can test your phone to make sure that your calls are going to the proper place. Just lift your handset and dial your own phone number.

To cancel

   1. Lift the handset
   2. Press should hear regular dial tone
   3. Hang up
   4. Now test by lifting your handset and dialing your own phone number; you should hear a busy signal because you're on the phone.

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Call Transfer

   1. During a call, press the switchhook and release, you will hear a special  dial tone.
   2. Dial the number of the transfer destination.
   3. Announce the caller in privacy.
   4. Hang up and the call will be transferred.

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Call Waiting

Two quick beeps during a call indicates a call is waiting. To answer the second call depress the switchhook (the first call is placed on hold) and release. Depress the switchhook to alternate between callers. Note: if your telephone is equipped with a "Flash" button, the flash can be substituted for depressing the switchhook.

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Last Number Redial

   1. Lift the handset and hear dial tone
   2. Dial 189; the last number you dialed is automatically redialed

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