The Promise Scholarship

A student volunteering in a community medical facility

Our Goal

The Promise Scholarship is the Best Investment We Can Make

Maine’s youth development organizations are making an essential investment in our young people every day, helping them to envision and prepare for a successful future. The next step is ours. Please help us carry this investment forward by becoming an early supporter of The Promise Scholarship campaign.


President Glenn Cummings

Sustaining Promise for Future Generations

Our goal is to support 100 qualified Maine students every year through endowed and spendable funds – approximately 25 in each class – with scholarship awards of up to half of USM tuition and fees. The Promise Scholarship will provide a major portion of financial aid, which augments additional financial aid such as Pell grants, state aid, and merit scholarships. 

With your help, scholars will be able to graduate in four years with little or no debt, transforming dreams into reality for generations to come.

"These scholarships are life changers for young people aspiring toward a better future. It's our turn to reach back and offer these students the same opportunities that helped us succeed in our own lives and careers." — Glenn Cummings, Ed.D., President, University of Southern Maine


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