The Promise Scholarship

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Promise Partners

Maine's youth development organizations play a transformative role in the lives of young people. In hundreds of programs offered throughout Maine, caring adults, mentors, volunteers, and generous supporters are creating a positive way forward for disadvantaged youth.

USM's Promise Scholarship program partners with youth-serving organizations throughout thte state, who help identify and provide recommendations for motivated young people who aspire to earn a college degree. By collaborating with these essential organizations, we are creating a path forward for young Mainers of limited means and unlimited potential. 

"The partnerships between the USM Promise Scholarship and Maine's youth development organizations are priceless. Not only do they provide opportunities for Maine students to attain post-secondary education, but also they create a continuum of support for youth with incredible potential, to reach that potential."

– Christina P. McAnuff, Executive Director, Olypmpia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute


The Promise Partner's role is to:

  • Educate front-line staff about the scholarship partnership and opportunity;
  • Promote The Promise Scholarship to eligible youth and their parents/caregivers;
  • Consider how organizational scholarships might augment the Promise Scholarship;
  • Identify eligible youth and support them through the USM application process;
  • Attend Promise Scholarship USM partnership planning meetings;
  • Participate in data/evaluation process to report successes and challenges;
  • Communicate partnership goals and progress to board members.

Professional Development Opportunities for Promise Partners

The Promise Scholarship has limited professional development funds to support our USM partners across campus, including Advising and TRIO College Programs in understanding the challenges and barriers commonly faced by low-income and first generation college students. On occasion, we have additional funding to also invite our Promise Youth Development Partners to take part in these opportunities. Current and past opportunities include:

  • Winter & Summer Break Reading Circles
    • "Scarcity," "White Fragility," "Standing at the Edge" and "Switch." (Winter 2020)
    • "How to Be An Anti-Racist" (Summer 2020)
    • "Gen Z Goes to College," "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria," and "Let Your Life Speak" (Winter 2019)
  • Registration to attend the Beyond Borders: Migration and Integration Conference (Fall 2019)
  • Registration for the webinar, "Interventions for At-Risk Students" (Summer 2019)
  • Viewing of the documentary, "Rain in a Dry Land" and panel discussion (Fall 2018)


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