The Well

Education & Programs

Alcohol and Substance Abuse AwarenessIf you would like to learn more regarding alcohol and substance use please visit our page! You'll find resources and services available for all students!


Food Pantry: The on-campus food pantry helps provide grab and go foods, and some pantry staples, to members of the campus community who are experiencing food insecurity.


TEDx Talks (Portland): Each of the Diversity Centers in Woodbury Campus Center (the multicultural student center, the center for sexuality & gender diversity, the veterans resource center, and the Well) take turns hosting TEDx talks of their choosing over snacks and discussion.

Lacation Rooms on Campus (Portland): Private Lactation Rooms are available on all three campuses for new mothers for breastfeeding or breast milk pumping.


And more!  Have an idea for a Wellness event?  Come on by and let's see if we can work together!