Department of Theatre

About the USM Department of Theatre

The USM Department of Theatre is a vibrant community of artists and scholars who value collaboration, imagination, and excellence. We mentor our students through their undergraduate years and prepare them for a competitive job market. At USM, Theatre majors learn by doing. 

With a recently revised and streamlined curriculum, students can choose areas of concentration including Performance, Design & Technology (including Stage Management & Technical Theatre) and Dramatic Literature/Theatre History.

Beginning Fall 2018, our new degree program requirements:  

FOUNDATION COURSES (required of all tracks)
THE 101 Introduction to Theatre/Text Analysis
THE 104 Costume Practicum
THE 105 Lighting Practicum
THE106 Stagecraft Practicum
THE 122 Introduction to Acting
THE 136 Fundamentals of Design and Technology
THE 141-144 Theatre Workshop I,II,III, IV
THE 201 Cultural History of Theatre
THE 351 OR 352 History of Theatre I or II
THE 495 Capstone/Senior Seminar
THE 496 External Experience
THE xxx Theatre Elective

THE 220 Scene Study
THE 221 Voice/Speech for the Actor
THE 222 Movement for the Actor
THE 321 Advanced Acting

THE 232 Production/Stage Management
Choose three of the following four: 
THE 331 Scenic Design
THE 334 Costume Design
THE 335 Lighting Design
THE 337 Sound Design
THE 434 Advanced Design

THE 351 OR 352 Theatre History I or II
ENG 360 OR 362 Shakespeare I or II
THE 250 Playwriting
THE 325 Directing




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