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Icelandic Bay Scene

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Booking is now available for the GYA/TAH 307 trip to Iceland where from June 9-17, 2017 you will have an opportunity to explore the amazing landscape of Iceland for 8 days. This course examines natural and human induced changes to the Icelandic landscape, including those brought on by recent shifts in climate and the development of the tourism industry. Participate in adventure, eco, and nature based tourism activities. Examine landscape changes through geographic and satellite imaging tools and techniques.

For more information regarding booking contact Janice Manley, AAA Travel, 207-780-6892 or

Students registering for the GYA/TAH 307 class trip can now apply for scholarships as well! Contact Tracy Michaud-Stutzman,

This short video discusses our ties to Iceland with Tracy Michaud-Stutzman discussing the value and importance of tourism there as well as students reflecting on their study abroad capstone experiences. The University of Southern Maine (USM) has developed partnerships with Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland for faculty/student exchanges in both undergraduate and graduate programs.