Tourism and Hospitality

Fall 2012 Courses by Major Requirement

The following is a breakdown of all USM courses offered in the Fall of 2012 that meet various requirements of the B.A. in Tourism & Hospitality. Courses are listed by major requirements and by concentration. For more information on degree requirements, please see the degree overview. For course descriptions of Tourism & Hospitality (TAH) courses, see the program course description page. For descriptions of non-TAH courses, please see the undergraduate course catalog or MaineStreet.

Major Requirements

TAH 101 – The Travel Experience: Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality

Students entering the program should register for the course TAH 101 – The Travel Experience as their introduction to the major. The class will present an overview of the travel industry, including career paths, the role of tourism in Maine and the global economy, and emerging trends such as sustainability and the search for cultural authenticity. Guest speakers from the tourism and hospitality industry will provide their insights and expertise throughout the course. Offered on the Gorham campus.

Concentration Requirements

Students can take courses in any of the six concentrations in the major. While we highly recommend taking concentration introductory classes first, in the first year of the program we are permitting students to take their concentration classes in any order. Please note, however, that most concentration intro courses will only be offered once per year. Four such courses (for concentrations B, C, D, and E below) are offered in Fall of 2012. Introductory courses for the other concentrations (A and F below) will be offered in Spring 2013. Capstone experiences will be available in Summer 2013.

Concentration A. Tourism Products and Promotion

BUS 260 – Marketing
Portland campus & online
BUS 364 – Professional Selling Portland campus-evening

Concentration B. Managing in Tourism and Hospitality

TAH 221 – Tourism and Hospitality Management Online [course pending]
ACC 110 – Financial Acct Info for Decision Making Portland campus & online
BUS 200 – Introduction to Business Portland campus-evening
BUS 340 – Managing Organization Behavior Portland campus

Concentration C. Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

TAH 231 – Sustainability in Tourism and Hospitality Online [course pending]
ESP 275 – Energy Use & Societal Adaptation Online

Concentration D. Tourism Development and Planning

TAH 241 – Tourism & Community Development Gorham campus
ESP 200 – Environmental Planning
Portland campus
ESP 417 – Site Planning & Design Portland campus-evening
GEO 203 – Urban & Regional Development Gorham campus

Concentration E. Nature-Based Tourism & Ecotourism

ESP/REC 223 – Nature Based Tourism Portland campus
REC 218 – Wilderness Emergency Response Portland campus
REC 233 – Outdoor Recreation Portland campus
REC 241 – Recreation Leadership Portland campus

Concentration F. Cultural, Arts and Heritage Tourism

ANT 360 – Public Archaeology Gorham campus