Tourism and Hospitality

Five new TAH courses to be offered in Fall 2013 semester

Five new Tourism & Hospitality (TAH) courses are being offered in the Fall 2013 semester, covering a broad range of subjects and representing the expertise of several new instructors.

For students interested in the business side of tourism, new instructor Peter Twachtman is offering "Tourism and Hospitality Management" (TAH 221). Twachtman, currently chief operating officer at Migis Hotel Group, has worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for nearly 15 years. His course will draw upon this expertise to provide students with an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at management principles as they work in the real world of hospitality.

Another new course is focused on the growing trend of sustainability in hotel, restaurant, and event management. New instructor Peter Cooke of the conservation organization Manomet Maine will teach "Sustainable Hospitality Management" (TAH 331). Cooke designed and helped implement Maine's cutting-edge green lodging certification program while at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and is well-known in the sustainable hospitality industry. His course will give students a very hands-on approach to applying principles of sustainable management to this industry, with trips to area businesses as well as opportunities to engage in environmental audits and other practical activities.

On the cultural tourism side, we are pleased to offer two courses that look at critical aspects of culture and travel: museums and tourist art. Dr. Sarah Lockridge, an anthropologist who has worked with Dogon fabric artists in Africa, will teach the new course "Women, Arts and Global Tourism" (TAH 299), which looks at the role women play as artisans and crafts producers in the global tourism market. Dr. Marcia-Anne Dobres will teach an upper-level seminar on "Anthropology in the Museum" (TAH 399), examining the way that cultures and ethnic groups have been represented historically and in contemporary exhibits in museums worldwide.

Many TAH students have expressed an interest in event management, one of the fastest-growing aspects of the tourism industry. Dr. Tracy Michaud Stutzman, who continues her appointment as Lecturer of Anthropology at USM, will offer the new course "Event Planning and Management" (TAH 311). Students in this class will have the opportunity to design and carry out one or more events during the semester, either at USM or with one of several partner organizations.

As the TAH program enters its second year, we are excited to be able to offer such a broad variety of courses that touch on critical and cutting-edge aspects of tourism and hospitality.